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Transitions, and Roles Fearlessly

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Life is a complex journey, presenting us mothers with a myriad of challenges and transitions that deeply impact
not just our own roles but also those of our children. As mothers, we navigate the delicate balance of caregiving,
nurturing, and guiding our children’s development, all while managing our own responsibilities and dreams.
Meanwhile, our children embark on their own journey of growth, facing the trials of childhood, adolescence, and

Amidst the daily struggles of fulfilling these roles, unexpected events like infertility, divorce, widowhood,
immigration, or a child being diagnosed with a learning disability can suddenly alter our and our children’s paths,
shaking the very foundation of our hopes and aspirations. These life-altering changes often leave us feeling
disoriented, questioning our purpose, and struggling to adapt to a new reality.

Yet, within the chaos lies an opportunity for resilience and personal growth. It is during these trying times that
we must discover the depths of our strength, paving new paths forward, and face the unknown with unwavering
courage and determination

I know you're ready to be the mom and woman who is a source empowered unwavering love and support

I know you're ready to be the mom and woman who is a fierce protector and advocate for your child



Pediatric Occupational Therapist & Certified Life/Parenting Coach (PLCC)

I bring over 25 years of experience in pediatric occupational therapy and parenting coaching/education. I’ve also had the honor of serving as adjunct faculty for the master’s program at Nova Southeastern University College of Allied Health Occupational Therapy Department. This unique combination of hands-on experience and academic insight allows me to offer comprehensive and effective support to my clients. 

As an Occupational Therapist, I specialize in unlocking the potential of children, equipping them with the essential skills necessary to excel both academically and personally. Through targeted interventions, I focus on evaluating and enhancing fine motor skills, sensory motor skills, visual motor and perceptual skills, social skills, executive function, self-regulation, attention, sensory processing and more. These skills serve as the foundation for success, empowering children to navigate their daily activities with confidence and efficiency. 

As a Certified Life/Parent Coach (PLCC) and Grief Counselor (GC-C), I specialize in empowering mothers as they navigate significant life transitions such as loss of a spouse, child disability diagnosis, infertility and more. Drawing from my personal journey, I share invaluable insights into resilience and positivity, inspiring my clients to adopt a mindset that while we can’t fully control our past, present, or future (that’s G-d’s job), we can control how we approach each day with strength and positivity


My Mission;

Help Mothers & Children

Turn Life’s Lemons Into Lemonade

My mission is to use my personal experiences and professional
expertise to provide guidance and empowerment to women and
children as they navigate their individual life journeys. Through our
collaboration, mothers experience profound breakthroughs,
cultivating a fearless mindset that not only transforms their own lives
but also positively impacts those of their children. Furthermore,
through my skill-building programs, I aim to enhance children’s
academic and social capabilities. The ultimate goal? Empowering
both mothers and children to turn life’s challenges into opportunities
for growth, paving the way for a future filled with promise and

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Maya, Leo's Mom

Dr. Mankes is a true expert in her field, and her dedication to helping families llike ours is evident in everything she does. She goes aabove and beyond to ensure that we have thetools,knowledge and surpport we need to help our children thrive. Her passion for making a difference is apiring, and her expertise shines through in every interaction.

If you or your child are in need of help, I highly recomend turning to Dr. Mankes, She has the experience, compassion and skills to get the job done. With her by your side you can navigate the challenge of parenting an exceptional child with confidence and clarity. Trusth me you wont be disappointed.

—Maya, Leo’s Mom