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The Strength Found Within Each Of Us – Overcoming the Good, Bad and Ugly

Today made my own walk-a-thon in honor of my life journey and people I lost. I decided I will donate $ to Tzedaka for every mile I walk today.

The walk like my life journey is long, hard, exhausting, sweaty but a sobering learning experience, satisfying in someways and definitely character building.

It’s very hot 🥵 – Aventura Mall to Hallandale to Hollywood and back – OY 😅 what was I thinking ….but once I get started there is no stoping me 🤷‍♀️ I guess definition of insanity OR sanity…determined to walk 18 miles = Chai

My life craziness in a nutshell shell:
Immigration at 12, financial difficulties (working since age of 12), parent divorce, more financial difficulties, infertility, more financial difficulties, emotional rollercoasters, the loss of me (somewhere in between), death of my mom and spouse to damn Cancer (three weeks apart), single motherhood, starting all over again at mid 40’s and what that entails and yes now can’t forget COVID-19 🙄 🛑🙏

Moral of the story if you think personal strength is not found within every single one of us, it is. It’s a constant choice to keep moving forward every day and lots I mean LOTS of Emunah 🙏 that there is a reason for everything 💪 the good, the bad and the ugly.



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