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My Personal Story

Loss of a loved one is heartbreaking, but from my own personal experience if you allow, it can also trigger the heart, mind and soul to awaken…

I am a woman, widow, and a single mother who had many losses simultaneously.  I lost my husband, and mother all within weeks of each other and some other loved ones months apart.  Unfortunately, I learned first hand about grief and loss.  Loss of my spouse, brought about secondary losses i.e. loss of income, routine, shared dreams, expected future, emotional support etc.

Since then I’ve rebuilt myself with the help of faith and personal determination. I’ve been able to use my experiences and professional expertise as a Certified Life Coach and Grief Counselor to guide and support my process as well as others experiencing similar circumstances.  I am here to enable others to move forward from loss and pain into a hopeful and fulfilling future. 

They said I changed a lot, I said a lot changed me


Offering Online Counseling 



Online Grief Counseling or TeleGrief gives you the freedom and flexibility to engage in grief counseling without being limited to a physical office space. All sessions are conducted within a HIPAA secure platform to ensure that no one else has access to your counseling session or information. 

Grief Counseling with Children & Teens

Helping A Child Deal With Grief

As parents, we would all like to protect our children from sadness and trauma.  But death and loss are a vital processes of life.    In today’s world , kids do face losses during the course of everyday life.  Some changes are death related (pet, grandparent, parent, sibling, friend etc) others are grief reaction to other losses such as parents’ divorce, relocation, having a parent or sibling with a disability etc.   All these change the family dynamics and most likely cause stress and anxiety.  

All children grieve and re-grieve a significant loss throughout their lifetime.  They grieve in spurts and the impact and reaction depends on the developmental age of the child, and guidance/support they receive from their caregivers etc.  Let Dr. Carol Leibovich – Mankes, help you the parent understand the influence of age on your child’s understanding, so you can facilitate his/her grieving process, and help them develop healthy coping skills with safety and love.  

Grief Shared is grief diminished

Helping A Teen Deal With Grief

An adolescent’s grief can be impacted by any number of things including but not limited to, their unique relationship with the individual, how the individual died, their support system, past experiences with death, and their own unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to dealing with stress, adversity, and high emotion.  Grownups seeking to support an adolescent should try to remember that a wide range of responses are considered ‘normal’ and there’s no one formula for providing support.

         Resilience comes from being uncomfortable and working through                the Loss and pain

Grief Counseling by Dr. Carol Leibovich-Mankes may provide a child/teen with:

  • minimize confusing and fearful thoughts by helping the child/teen manage underlying feelings.
  • How to deal with changed family structures, living arrangements, finances, emotional support, and day-to-day living.
  • Managing anxiety and stress while Building resiliency and coping mechanisms.
  • has a parent how you can be supportive while going through the grieving process yourself.
  • Recognize the warning signs of a more complicated grief requiring more intense Grief therapy.

If we charter the boat of mourning with our children, they will realize that only by confronting death and loss and integrating them into our & their life can we/they truly embrace living and loving relationships

Grief Counseling with Adults & Older Adults

Mend Your Broken Heart,  Allow Yourself To Grieve, Inhibit Gratitude While Achieving Resilience And Growth

Dr. Carol Leibovich – Mankes is here to guide and support adults and older adults who are facing grief related to death of a loved and/or divorce.  She will support and guide you enabling healthy adaption to the loss of a loved one and to a new reality without him/her. It is recommended you seek grief counseling at these junctions:  

  • At the earliest, a week after the funeral or decision to divorce allowing the numbness to subside a bit
  • As a preventive measure, before the loss, if there is awareness of the impending death or divorce
  • When one experiences difficulty and comes to the conclusion that assistance from a grief counselor will bring about a more adequate resolution.

It’s Time To Take The Steps To Allow Yourself To Become A Survivor And A Warrior

Services Offered
(Services Offered Virtually And In Person)

Individual Grief Coaching Sessions for Child/ Teen/ Adult/ Older Adult (In-Person Or Virtual):

Grief coaching/Counseling sessions will typically last between 60 minutes. Often after an initial interview, sessions can be conducted over the phone, face to face, over email (determined on a case by case basis by Dr. Carol Leibovich-Mankes and Coaching Client).  Email me at for fees and questions.  FREE 30 minute consult.

Bereavement Support Groups: (In-Person Or Virtual):

Designed for Adults and Older Adults who are going through the process of bereavement and want to meet others who are facing related life transitions and provide an outlet, support and form a community. Support networks are of outmost importance when facing a loss.  Email me at for times, fees and questions.

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