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I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing and working with Dr, Mankes for the 8 years I have taught second grade at Scheck Hillel Community School. During that time Dr. Mankes was not only presented herself as a knowledgeable occupational therapist but also a skilled and highly effective adult educator. My first experience came when I took a workshop she offered to the teachers. It was then that I learned about the multisensory layers of a child’s development and how one delay in one layer could present itself in the child as a specific learning challenge. I then became able to better communicate with parents and help them understand what I thought might be problematic and why I felt a child would benefit from her services. Through the years, we have partnered in supporting children receiving her services, each time learning more about the sensory-motor development of children and effective strategies to use in the classroom. Dr. Mankes is always at the top of my list when a parent is seeking an occupational therapist.

Sandra Gruskin

Second Grade Teacher

Scheck Hillel Community School

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