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I, Dr. Carol Leibovich – Mankes strive to inspire, guide as well as provide practical information bringing vision with new possibilities. Let’s talk to see if I am the right fit for your next conference, teacher professional day or event. Workshop topics I love to speak about:

Life Reenabled series: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

Learning Reenabled – Building Blocks for School Success

This workshop is designed to help therapists, teachers, and parents understand the basic foundational skills needed for learning so the child can achieve success within the  academic setting. This workshop will also present as a resource for professionals and parents as they sort out the best possible learning plan for the child who learns differently or is diagnosed with a learning disability.

Parenting Reenabled – Being the Most Effective Parent As Life Happens

Life is tough and we all have our own challenges to face. But parenting while being faced with unique tribulations such as divorce, loss of spouse, a child diagnosed with a developmental and/or learning disability, infertility and more is further emotionally, physically and intellectually draining. This workshop is geared toward parents facing these circumstances to learn, process and help themselves understand how to endure and overcome the very worst of these life’s hardships and as a result continue being the most effective and nurturing parent(s) to their child(ren).

Dating Reenabled – Single Parent Guide On How To Love More and Hurt Less

Dating in 2019 may seem daunting especially after having been married, possibly for many years, and going through the trauma and grief that comes with divorce and /or death of a spouse. It’s even harder when children are involved. This workshop will help you jump back into the dating game without being so terrified of getting hurt. It will also provide tools to dating with a child(ren). Join me and give yourself permission to love again and start  the next chapter in your life. 

Life Reenabled - Managing Life Tribulations, Stress And Building Resilience Workshop Series

Grief is the normal and natural reaction to any significant loss, whether that is a bereavement loss or a non-death loss such as Infertility, divorce, child diagnosed with a disability and much more. This workshop series will provide you with the tools and awareness to overcome grief.  Dr. Carol Leibovich – Mankes, will also share her personal story of loss and how she triumphed with the help of faith (Emunah) and personal determination.  

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